Your Belongings Can be Safe and Secure in Our Storage Units

secure storageFor a day, a week, a month or a year – we can store your belongings for as long as you need us to. Tom and Jerry can help you in any way you need. Whatever you need storing, we’ll store it for you. There are lots of situations in which you find yourself needing London storage. You might be leaving the country for a while and wish for your possessions to be in a safe place whilst you are away so they do not get stolen. Or, you might be a student leaving college for the summer holidays. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable leaving your belongings whilst you are absent for a long time. Another reason might be that you are moving to a rented property for the time being before you move to a new and you think it would be easier to place your belongings in safe hands whilst you are rented to save the hassle of having to pack everything up again. Never mind your reason. If you would like first class storage services, come right to us and you will indeed be impressed with our services and of course, with our prices. For further details, call Call Now! and we’ll be happy to help answer your questions.

We offer a variety of storage facilities for you to opt for. It obviously depends greatly on how much stuff you wish to have stored with us. You will need to measure how much you have before booking so you don’t have either too much space or too less of space. We can do that for you, though, if you don’t have the time to do it for yourself. We want you to know that every unit we have is clean and well maintained and fully equipped with a reliable security system and damp-free. Your possessions will remain in perfect condition under our care. When you return to them, they will be exactly the same as when you left them with us. You can even take a look at the unit you choose before booking just so you are happy with it. We understand the concerns you may have but we want to ease your mind and worries by letting you know that we do take the best care of each customer’s belongings. If you want safe storage or self storage, please come to us. We are the best in the area. You can count on us!

hire a storeTom and Jerry offers storage services at the best value for money. In addition to this, all of our storage facilities are clean, secure and 100% damp-free. No harm will affect your belongings under our supervision and care. You will see that for yourself when you come and pick them back up. We are so flexible. So if you need storage in a hurry, we offer flexible options. We can store your things for you under very short notice indeed. Sometimes things are dropped on you in life and we get that, which is why we want to help you if you ever happen to be in a tough situation as such. We have stacks of storage space so you can store as much as you like. Our London storage space is in abundance so you can store as many boxes and bags as you like. Our storage services are also suitable for those needing us for commercial reasons. Maybe you need to store stock or hire self storage. Well, we can help you! Just call Call Now! and book a date now and allow us to provide you with lots and lots of safe space!