quote Tom and Jerry Movers was efficient, flexible, and solution-oriented - a winning combination!

  • Henry W.
  • 22May 2024

quote The team knocked it out of the park!

  • Rahul
  • 22Apr 2024

quote My move was in good hands with these careful and efficient movers by my side.

  • K. Newton
  • 21Mar 2024

quote These guys are simply phenomenal! Utilized their services twice and both experiences were nothing short of amazing - prompt, reliable, and overall just great people.

  • E. Pomeroy
  • 11Mar 2024

quote I am grateful to have found such a reliable and efficient moving company in Tom and Jerry Movers.

  • Bradley Bixby
  • 28Feb 2024

quote All items were delivered in pristine condition.

  • Harry Monroe
  • 18Feb 2024

quote Thanks to Tom and Jerry Moving Company, my move was a success. Their attention to detail and friendly approach make them stand out in the industry.

  • C. Riverside
  • 08Feb 2024

quote We couldn't have asked for a better crew who not only displayed professionalism but also remarkable skills in handling our furniture with care.

  • Austin H.
  • 29Jan 2024

quote I am forever grateful to this incredible removal company for their hard work, expertise, and affordable rates - simply the best!

  • Rachel
  • 19Jan 2024

quote Fair pricing and transparent payment - two qualities that make this removal company stand out from the rest.

  • Josh G.
  • 18Dec 2023

quote We were fortunate enough to be served by only the best from TomandJerry; all of them were friendly, well mannered and trained in their duties.

  • Wanda DeForrest
  • 13Nov 2023

quote These movers are incredible - they arrived on time, worked quickly and were both courteous and of great help. Furthermore, the packing job was outstanding.

  • Y. Hope
  • 20Jun 2023

quote It was an excellent experience dealing with Tom and Jerry Moving Company for the bookings; their movers were timely, fast and amiable when they turned up for the move.

  • Alicia Smith
  • 27Jan 2023

quote Forget lending a helping hand on the day. Their man and van team took care of absolutely everything for me. I can't thank their hard-working professionals enough.

  • Georgina H
  • 08Sep 2021

quote I got a man with van to help me, and I couldn't have asked for better help. I got him on board at a steal of a price. The service was amazing value for money.

  • E. Lucas
  • 01Aug 2021

quote The help their man and van provided proved to be all the help I needed. I was able to move on a budget thanks to this company, their services and amazing team.

  • William S
  • 17Jun 2021

quote I got my transportation job taken care of for a great price. I'm glad I hired their man and a van. The guy that showed up was trustworthy and reliable.

  • T. Griffiths
  • 05Dec 2020

quote Their man with van crew was an almighty help. I couldn't imagine having moved without him.

  • Josh S.
  • 28Oct 2020

quote My job requires me to travel a lot. This also means I have to relocate rather frequently. I've never enjoyed house moving. It disrupts my personal and professional life. Last spring, I had to move and Tom and Jerry Removals Company lived up to their name. They picked everything up from my rental and delivered it safe and sound to my two-bedroom home during a rainy, stormy weekend. Fantastic job!

  • Austin C.
  • 21Aug 2019

quote I have never used a better moving company. Their movers are fab. This company also has lower rates than the others that I rang.

  • Shawna B.
  • 05Aug 2019

quote Moved house last week and hired these movers. They got it done faster than I thought it would. Saved me quite a bit of money. Cheaper than the rest.

  • Nadia Benson
  • 10Jun 2019

quote If you are ever in need of a fantastic removal service, give the guys at Tom and Jerry Moving Company a ring. You will not regret it. They do a terrific job doing all of the removals for my office building.

  • Vinny Markus
  • 13May 2019

quote Just used Tom and Jerry for their man and van service and they are excellent. So cheap, yet a really high quality service.

  • Poonam Gadhar
  • 03Apr 2019

quote From the moment I received a quote from Tom and Jerry for my move, everything about the removals service went fantastically well.

  • F. Brent
  • 05Mar 2019

quote Removal van hire from Tom and Jerry Movers was straightforward and the estimate was accurate. All in all, a great service.

  • Asha B.
  • 31Jan 2019

quote House moving was easy and wonderful, something I never thought I'd say. It's all thanks to the wonderful team at TomandJerry.

  • Haley F.
  • 14Dec 2018

quote Tom and Jerry Movers made my office removals go by without a hitch. It was smooth and professional throughout.

  • Sophia A.
  • 28Nov 2018

quote I will be in touch with Tom and Jerry if and when I go through removals all over again!

  • Roxanne A.
  • 09Oct 2018

quote I had no issues with this removals company. All the work was carried out professionally and to a high standard. Tom and Jerry did a great job.

  • Helena S.
  • 10Sep 2018

quote Tom and Jerry made a stressful domestic removals process a whole lot easier. It was just the service that I was after.

  • G. Warren
  • 16Aug 2018

quote needed a reliable man and van service so I did a research. Decided to give Tom and Jerry Movers a try and they did not disappoint me. Spectacular job!

  • Ben
  • 30Jul 2018

quote Tom and Jerry made moving home pass by with ease. It was a pleasant and much more manageable experience with them on the job.

  • K. Phillips
  • 04Jun 2018

quote I needed help with every aspect of my move, including packing. I found everything I needed at a great price from Tom and Jerry Removals Company.

  • Rich L.
  • 16May 2018

quote I swear me and my husband would have divorced if it wasn't for TomandJerry and their brilliant movers. We were getting incredibly stressed and arguing all the time. But they handled everything so beautifully, it really took a lot of our stress away. Thanks - you probably saved our marriage!

  • Ani
  • 25Apr 2018

quote Massive thanks to the team from Tom and Jerry Removals Company who recently helped with our home move. You made the whole experience so simple and relaxing, it really made the difference.

  • Wilson Furnt
  • 12Apr 2018

quote During my house move I needed help with all sorts of things, including packing. Luckily for me, Tom and Jerry Removals Company offered an array of different services. They were my one-stop shop for all of my removal requirements.

  • K. Jackson
  • 20Mar 2018

quote No complaints at all about TomandJerry, their removal service is truly excellent and incredibly cheap for what you get.

  • Sandy Flowers
  • 26Feb 2018

quote It was a real pleasure having TomandJerry in to do our office relocation. The team were very friendly and professional, they did an excellent job and really went the extra mile to help us out however they could. Really, really great experience.

  • Toni Coulson
  • 18Jan 2018

quote It was a big house moving task but Tom and Jerry handled it like it was nothing. It resulted in a pleasant moving experience.

  • James E.
  • 08Dec 2017

quote I wanted a removals service for a rather large and strenuous moving job. I enquired about prices, the types of services, and settled on Tom and Jerry Moving Company. Pretty soon I was patting myself on the back, because it turned out to be a great decision.

  • Annie L.
  • 06Nov 2017

quote The stresses and strains of domestic removals were gone when I booked with Tom and Jerry. They were serious professionals, and handled every bit of the process to a high standard.

  • Gary B.
  • 03Oct 2017

quote I was put off hiring movers because of a very disappointing experience in the past, but had to hire someone as I wasn't able to do it myself and no one else could help. Chose Tom and Jerry purely because they were the cheapest, but was really happy when they turned up on time, did a great job and were really lovely. They've restored my faith in moving people.

  • Pearl Coal
  • 18Sep 2017

quote Writing reviews is something that I do not often do unless when I feel that a company really deserves it. I hired Tom and Jerry Removals Company a week ago as I could not manage to handle the whole moving process fast, while I was on deadline to vacate the house. The experts in this company were the best as they worked fast, and the house was clear before the deadline. Moreover, they moved my belongings safely, and I did not throw anything away due to breakage. I highly recommend these professionals for a fast and cheap house removal.

  • Eric Glenn
  • 28Aug 2017

quote Tom and Jerry Movers is the fifth removal company I have used so far. I can say for sure that their services were the best. What's more, the services they offered were at a reasonable price. I highly recommend.

  • Noah Davis
  • 10Aug 2017

quote Moving is very hard for me, I always find it very emotional. I hate goodbyes! My son encouraged me to call Tom and Jerry Moving Company to help me move to my new flat this time, and I am very glad he talked me into it. They were so sweet, and took such good care of me. I know it bothers my son that he wasn't able to be here to help, but they were such good help I told him it really was alright! They are a lovely removal company!

  • Lena R.
  • 26Jul 2017

quote There are no removal services in London better than Tom and Jerry Movers. They handled all my needs and addressed all my worries while offering a great price for their service.

  • H. Rayner
  • 28Jun 2017

quote Tom and Jerry has a loyal customer in me after a recent removal service they performed for me. The service was great and the prices were very affordable.

  • J. Proctor
  • 13Jun 2017

quote Tom and Jerry Moving Company offered a cost-effective house removals service that was very professional and completed to a high standard. They really were an amazing team that helped me out a great deal.

  • Sharon S.
  • 31May 2017

quote TomandJerry provided me with a cheap service when it came to house removals. It was a terrific deal that really helped me out during the expensive time of relocating.

  • Duncan L.
  • 12May 2017

quote Unbelievable house removal service at low cost! Tom and Jerry Movers accommodated my removals needs and budget!

  • Phil L.
  • 25Apr 2017

quote Using Tom and Jerry for my house removal saved me precious time, money and hard work! It was incredible value for money!

  • W. Michaels
  • 03Apr 2017

quote I was impressed by TomandJerry. The removals firm that my business can count on. There is nobody that does it better, in my experience.

  • Edward G.
  • 15Mar 2017

quote Tom and Jerry Moving Company were awesome! They helped me move my heavy furniture to my new home. They were quick, efficient and friendly. The best part was the price - they offered me the lowest price on the market!

  • Claudia Blackwell
  • 13Feb 2017

quote Hired Tom and Jerry Movers for my house move and I am glad I did. They did a fantastic job at a low price. Now I can have peace of mind that I can rely on their movers should the need arise!

  • K. Foster
  • 24Jan 2017

quote Took advantage of their deals on student removals and saved lots of money and time. Moved to dorm easily and cheaply! Thank you Tom and Jerry Removals Company!

  • Gabrielle N.
  • 13Dec 2016

quote I have used many removal companies but none of them was as cost-effective and reliable as Tom and Jerry Movers! Would recommend!

  • E. Brooke
  • 21Nov 2016

quote I thought that moving furniture would be a time-consuming and difficult process. But it was not thanks to Tom and Jerry Movers! Their movers lifted and loaded on the van 3 three seater huge sofas, 2 coffee tables and a couple of arm chairs in no time at all. 10/10!

  • Gavin
  • 08Nov 2016

quote Needed help with furniture moving and the best offer I got was from Tom and Jerry Removals Company. They had the capable team that would be punctual and then carry out a proper, swift, cheap and definitely efficient move. They got half the living room through town and I really enjoyed working with them. Can't say that about all the movers in town!

  • Maria Simmons
  • 28Oct 2016

quote These guys were pretty good at moving my stuff, even my heavy fridge too. They loaded everything on their big moving van and their work was pretty efficient and quick. Tom and Jerry Movers was definitely worth the money I paid for their services.

  • James Johnson
  • 27Sep 2016

quote I highly recommend Tom and Jerry and their man with van services. From my recent experience I can say that they're very efficient and professional - they did exactly what was asked of them without any whining or complaining - and there was a lot to do. A great team that I'll most certainly use again when needed.

  • Aaron Kraft
  • 29Aug 2016

quote The man with van Tom and Jerry Moving Company sent to handle my move was a great help. He really knew how to handle the process and so made things simpler. He knew how to wrap things up, how to pack boxes, easy ways of shift goods and more. He did everything I needed and was happy to help with whatever he could. I am very impressed by this mover and know that he will be able to assist anyone who's relocating.

  • Ashley Cooper
  • 18Jul 2016

quote Tom and Jerry Movers were there to provide a fast and efficient house removals service when I was on the move again. Yes, I had moved lots of times and was fed up with it so opted to get as much help as I could. This company were there for me and supplied a first class service at a good cost. The workers helped arrange a fast move thus saving me a lot of time. It was a service that was definitely worth the cost as it was such a great help.

  • Erin Todd
  • 12Oct 2015

quote If anybody out there is looking for a professional and inexpensive removals company then I would strongly recommend hiring TomandJerry. My sister recommended them to me after she moved with them and so I hired them for my recent home move too. I have never known a move go faster or easier - thanks to the whole team!

  • Damien Greenwich
  • 02Oct 2015

quote I needed a professional removal company to move my entire antique shop to our warehouse as we would be switching to trading online and giving up the lease to our shop. As you would expect, we had a lot of expensive and unusual items that we could not afford to lose in transit. After looking into several companies, I came across Tom and Jerry who seemed perfectly suitable for the job. The packers were more than professional and took great care with all the items. Everything arrived in our warehouse in perfect condition, making me a very happy customer.

  • Benny H.
  • 24Sep 2015

quote I've had to plan out several moves in the past, and each time I've hired a different removals business to take some of the weight off my shoulders. Most of the firms I had gone to before had been unfairly priced or gave off an attitude that made me wary of trusting them with moving my property. TomandJerry has changed all that. Everyone I interacted with from this company was very friendly, but also professional and efficient when the situation called for it. Thanks guys; you made my move so much easier!

  • Melissa P.
  • 03Sep 2015

quote If you've moved home before, you'll probably be tearing your hair out with the stress of it all, but I've discovered having a good removals company can make a huge difference. Tom and Jerry Moving Company delivered everything they said they would; moving all our items to our new home quickly and carefully, making sure I was informed throughout the whole process. From the very start, their professional attitude and skills in organising themselves were phenomenal, and before I knew it my whole family were getting settled down, and teasing me for getting so worried in the weeks leading up to the big day!

  • Ben K.
  • 25Aug 2015

quote Hiring Tom and Jerry for my office removal was the best decision I could have made! Having never moved office before I thought that hiring professionals would save me a lot of time and hassle, and this company was definitely the right choice. With their professionalism, friendly and can-do moving teams and with their dedication, moving was easier than I could have possible imagined! I'll be calling again when I move house in a couple of months - thanks so much!

  • David
  • 17Aug 2015

quote I am disabled and I needed a good removal company to help me move. After reading and hearing so many horror stories, the thought of hiring a removal company was worrying me a bit. However, my sister in law got in contact with Tom and Jerry Removals Company and I must say I was put at ease just by calling them for an initial meeting. They took care of all my needs and nothing was too much effort for them! The removal men moved me quickly and easily. It was such a relief to find such a professional company.

  • Sarah B.
  • 03Aug 2015

quote A big thank you to the team at TomandJerry for making my move so easy. I hired their man and van service, which really sped up the whole moving process. The team took care of all my personal items as if they were their own, leaving me very comfortable to let them get on with the job whilst I went back to the office. When I got home, everything was packed up, tidy and most of the items had already been transported to the new place. Very impressed with the high levels of professionalism of this company.

  • Andrew C.
  • 24Jul 2015

quote After my company grew, I wanted to relocate my office to another building not far from where we were. It was right in the centre of town though and I was concerned about limited parking and access to both office buildings. I called Tom and Jerry because they've been established locally for years and they gave me an amazing price. They arrived promptly and had good local knowledge so knew exactly where to park for loading and unloading. A really professional service I would highly recommend.

  • Phil Taylor
  • 14Jul 2015

quote We all know that moving is not easy, especially when you have work, children, pets, a partner and then a whole house load of items to move with you. Thankfully, this company saved my life when it came to moving. No joke! I was dreading moving because, for one thing, you know that as soon as you arrive you just know that the children will want to play with the toys packed away safely somewhere and will not be happy until you find these. Luckily, the process of relocating did not take too long with Tom and Jerry Removals Company, as they were fast, efficient and worked very well together. I would recommend this company to anybody looking to move in the future.

  • Nigel Wicks
  • 03Jul 2015

quote I had to move home over the weekend because of my work situation and not being able to get time off. Tom and Jerry gave me a great deal on working outside regular hours and they also did a fabulous job.

  • Fiona C.
  • 22Jun 2015

quote Moving home can be an absolute nightmare, especially if you have young children who aren't at school. I moved recently and had a really professional team from TomandJerry who are well-known for their removals services in the area. I recommend them to everyone these days.

  • Emma Young
  • 12Jun 2015

quote I was relocating my office and needed a professional moving company with the right credentials to do a great job. A colleague told me about Tom and Jerry Movers and recommended them as a great commercial removals company. I would definitely hire them again!

  • Geoff M.
  • 03Jun 2015

quote I was worried I wouldn't have the right moving vehicles available for my move but Tom and Jerry Moving Company solved that. They sent around a bunch of vans and their drivers took everything to where it needed to be. The ideal solution for my move.

  • Georgina Milton
  • 26May 2015

quote I never want to talk about my moves because I hate doing them but I couldn't let Tom and Jerry Removals Company down by not saying some nice things about them. Their man and van team were terrific and helped me get all my things sorted and transported. They helped in everything they could and ensured that the process went quickly and safely. I'm happy with this move and enjoyed it more than any other.

  • Eric O'Toole
  • 15May 2015

quote I have a disability that means I am in a wheelchair with limited movement. I needed a really understanding removals business to take care of my house move because I am not able to help with that kind of job...not even the packing. Fortunately, Tom and Jerry Removals Company have a great packing service as well has handling removals. After speaking to them about the job I had for them, they gave me an incredible deal! I am so pleased I used them because they not only packed everything for me they did a really great job of transporting it to my new home. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

  • J. Stott
  • 08May 2015

quote Tom and Jerry Moving Company came highly recommended to me by my neighbour where I used to live. I was looking for someone to move me from my flat to my new house and he told me they had done a great job for him before and their price was the best he found at the time. I still called around some other local removals firms but my neighbour was right, they really were the cheapest. I was very impressed at the level of service I got for such a bargain price too! Now I recommend them to anyone looking for the best removals firm in the area.

  • S. Louis
  • 02May 2015

quote I live with three of my friends - all from different countries. We have been living together for three years now and recently moved into a new place together. At the previous place we were looking for a moving company that could help us move without mixing up all our stuff and Tom and Jerry Movers helped out with that. They packed all our stuff separately so that we had no problems knowing where our belonging where while unpacking. Great help!

  • Aaron H.
  • 27Apr 2015

quote After my mom passed away, I had lived alone for almost 6 years in the old apartment. When I decided to move out and into a new place, I found out that there was more stuff than I could possibly handle. I decided to hire professional movers and gave Tom and Jerry a call. These guys are very reliable and decent. I have no complaints.

  • Samantha
  • 16Apr 2015

quote The movers at Tom and Jerry Moving Company were very helpful on my moving day. They assisted me with heavy lifting, furniture removals and helped me to get everything into the van they'd provided. This professional service is very good for the price, and you get a lot for your money. I would suggest this company if you're moving!

  • April M.
  • 03Apr 2015

quote Tom and Jerry Moving Company helped me make the transition to a home in France. I have always wanted to move there, but I felt the work would be too much. I contacted this company for some info and they assured me they could help with every aspect. They gave me the information, support and services necessary so I could relocate overseas. They managed my international removal fully and made my move possible and stress free.

  • Jennifer Grant
  • 24Mar 2015

quote Tom and Jerry Moving Company gave me a better international relocation than I could ever imagine. I was expecting my move to Spain to be a major problem, as I knew it would be difficult. Their help though ensured that nothing was tough and that each part of the process went well. I was able to complete the move with time to spare and no item was lost or damaged. I'm happy that I called them because my overseas removal would never have gone well without them.

  • Dan Baker
  • 16Mar 2015

quote I wanted my move to France to go as smoothly a possible so I contacted Tom and Jerry Movers. I thought they could at least give me some help to ensure things went well but they did much more. Their service covered every aspect of the move, from advice to shipping my goods. They saw to everything so the move was a guaranteed success. I'm now enjoying my life in France thanks to them.

  • Megan R.
  • 04Mar 2015

quote I was relocating to my overseas property for 1 year, and in the meantime renting out my house to tenants. But, I wanted all of my belongings placed into storage for safety as a lot of it was valuable. My sister gave me the number of a removal company so I hired Tom and Jerry Removals Company, to assist with moving the furniture to the storage depot. I was pleased with the service and the cost. The workers were polite and thorough, taking care when maneuvering my furniture and possessions. The entire removal went well and everything as loaded securely and transported to the unit and packed safely for its duration.

  • Joyce P.
  • 23Feb 2015

quote I was moving my elderly mother into a residential home, but some of it was going to storage. This wasn't a problem to Tom and Jerry Removals Company. All of the furniture and belongings got delivered to the correct address and the price was good too.

  • Jeremy M.
  • 11Feb 2015

quote I had moved a few times before and had damage to my furniture during the move. I wasn't looking forward to my next move. However, a friend suggested I use the same company as her, called Tom and Jerry. I wasn't expecting a lot better, but called and arranged a meeting for a quote. I was given a price that I thought was fair, and explained how the move would be done. Moving day arrived and to be honest I was very impressed with the loaders and driver. They didn't stop until the entire lot was loaded. All in all the service was excellent, and nothing was lost or broken during the transit. I was so pleased at last to find a reliable and trustworthy company.

  • Mrs. Mildred Jackson
  • 06Feb 2015

quote As a single mother of two, I barely have time to breathe - not to mention to pack and unpack everything when moving. This time, I booked Tom and Jerry Removals Company because my sister said they were good and affordable - and she was so right! These people are the best thing that could have happened to be when it comes to this moving and I am deeply thankful for their help!

  • Mary Shelley
  • 28Jan 2015

quote This is an A+++ service provider, really. I cannot even explain just how much Tom and Jerry Removals Company have helped me and just how great they are. The people at the phone are really polite (which I always appreciate) and the movers themselves are true professionals: they removed everything from my home and transported everything with the highest attention to detail. A warm recommendation from me!

  • Miriam Thompson
  • 22Jan 2015

quote Apartment living has always been for me, but one thing about it that tends to drive me crazy is the moving. All those stairs and not enough space makes getting items in and out a hard task by anyone's standards. After seeing so many companies fail to do such, I was so thankful to work with Tom and Jerry Movers. They clearly know what they are doing when it comes to apartment removals and made sure I was moved into my new home quickly and safely. Once again I would like to extend a big thanks to the team for all their help!

  • Roxy B.
  • 19Dec 2014

quote It seems removal companies are popping up all over the place and I can't be the only one who has been left confused by it all. With everyone and their brother trying to take charge of my house removal, it was hard selecting a company. I eventually chose Tom and Jerry due to their reputation in the area and from what I found out it was a reputation that is well earned. To say they were professional would be an understatement, as they were in complete control of my move from first day to last. Simply put, if you want to work with the best, you will want to work with these guys.

  • Mike M.
  • 16Dec 2014

quote I was so pleased with the moving company I have just hired to move house. TomandJerry were wonderful. They supplied a first class moving service at a competitive cost. From start to finish the entire company was brilliant. The quote I received was affordable and certainly worth the money. Nothing was too much; I booked a date to suit my needs and got the best job. If you are searching for a reliable and reputable definitely use this company they were amazing.

  • Annie S.
  • 12Nov 2014