06Jan 2015

How To Moving On A Budget

cheap removals
Moving house can be expensive to say the least,
but the good news is that there’s no need to break the bank when hiring removal services. There are ways to embark on a removal on a tight budget, all of which are outlined below! Being out of pocket can really add to the stress of the already difficult process of moving, so why not take this advice on board and make sure you opt for cheap removals! By saving money on your relocation, you’ll be able to splash out on any needed renovation of your new property or even have enough cash left over to treat yourself to a well deserved, relaxing massage!

One of the most helpful tips to facilitating cheaper house relocation is to create moving checklist! You won’t be sorry you took the time to draw up a list of everything that needs to be done, as well as all your items that need to be packed, including a tally of the moving furniture requirements! Remember to set your budget from the onset and that way you’ll know exactly what you’ve got to spend on a moving company or removal services!

packing boxes
Another terrific way to save on moving costs is to do your own packing! Yes, it’s an arduous task and you may need to forego your social life in the process, but when you see what you’re saving, it will all be worth it! You can buy new cardboard boxes for a reasonable price, coupled with strong packing tape. Or if you really are on an impossibly tight budget, then why not pay your local supermarket a visit and see if you can pick up some free, second hand packing boxes! You’ll be surprised at how many supermarkets are more than happy to give away their old boxes, as this saves them the trouble of having to recycle them! If the boxes don’t feel too sturdy, then why not double up? Pack on box inside another and presto! There you a have strong packing boxes. The cost of hiring a professional packing service is probably the most expensive part of moving house and you’ll be saving yourself a pretty fortune by doing the job yourself! Remember to seal your boxes tightly and to label the contents inside, as well as mark any boxes with breakables as fragile.

removal services
While you might be tempted to take the easiest route and hire the complete services of a removal company, bear in mind this will set you back rather a lot! Professional movers are fantastic, they take care of everything, but there are such things as cheap removals. For example why not opt for the man with a van service, or simply lease your own moving van? You can ask friends or family members to help on moving day and together you can load up the van in no time at all! If you don’t want to drive your own van, you can hire the man and van service, now offered by the majority or moving companies. You may still have to load the van yourself, but at least you won’t have to get behind the wheel of the moving truck. You’ll also only pay for the time you’re using the removal van!

man with van hire
If you do opt for the man and van hire, make sure you’ve calculated beforehand the capacity you’ll need as you don’t want to have make more than one or two trips to transport your belongings! Remember to keep a record of all your expenses as you get on with your removal and that way you won’t go over budget!