30Mar 2015

How to Prepare for a Move To Finchley

moving house
When moving home to Finchley, you main dread will probably be the actual moving day when it comes to getting all your things from one place to another. But that is usually the easier part, especially if you have hired moving companies that will do most of the hard work for you. The hardest part about a move is the build up and getting prepared. The best part is the fun of unpacking at the other end and putting the finishing touches in place.

1.    Contact your suppliers. Getting utilities changed over can take time to call around or change your address via the company’s website. Make a list of all your current suppliers, council tax and anything else that you are paying. Then work your way through and arrange final bills, this can take time, so let them know you are moving to a new address in Finchley, N3 well in advance and get ready to set up new direct debits.

contact suppliers
2.    Transfer information. Let you banks, job and any other businesses that need to know about your relocation. It’s a good idea to do this about two weeks in advance so that everything is in place and your post starts to go to your new address. Sometimes it’s easier to do this online so look into the best way to get this done.

3.    Do a moving checklist. Lists are really important as there can be a lot to do before a move and you don’t want to leave anything out. Take your time to sit down and decide what needs to be done, that way you can plan how much time you have and what kind of costs you are going to be dealing with.

moving checklist
4.    Look into cheap supplies. Boxes can be easily acquired second hand so look at websites and ask around friends or family. Chances are someone you know has a few old boxes lying around in the loft or garage and would be happy for you to take them off their hands. Start deciding what kind of moving transportation you will be needing and look into cheap removals in your area. Maybe you will go for a man and van or for furniture removals you will need a company equip to deal with the heavy lifting.

5.    Gather tools together for the job. Look into what you may need, bubble wrap, containers, plastic wrap. A furniture dolly may come in handy and can often be boughtfairly cheaply. This will be useful for small removals that you are planning to do yourself, professional movers will probably have one of these already. Look into what’s available out there to protect your things with the move.

packing materials
6.    Take measurements. Plan what’s going where and make sure everything fits, get your measuring tape out and measure the old and new home. Make sure everything is going to fit easily through door frames otherwise you may have to make other arrangements.

7.    Calculate costs and mileage. Find out how much your move is going to be and how far. Some van hire’s charge by the mile so it’s  a good idea to work this out before hand. If you are a student then look into discounts, a lot of moving companies in Finchley offer student discounts that can cut costs.

calculate moving costs
8.    Get help. A move is not something you should tackle alone so ask friends and family if they can be there to help you on your move. You can always give them the incentive of food and drinks to get them to help out with a bit of the lifting.

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