16Jul 2015

The Ultimate Moving Checklist to Greenwich

moving checklist
When it comes to a home or office move to Greenwich, the best way to help you along is to get organised and create a list. The moment you have decided on your move, that is the time to start organising. As long as you get a list in place you can follow it before and during your moving process to ensure you are getting everything done and are not landed with any forgotten surprises later. Here is your guide to getting together the perfect moving checklist.

• A day of decluttering. The first thing to begin with is to get rid of the old. Be ruthless with what you might want to sell or throw away. A relocation to the SE10 area is time to have a big clear out so don’t miss the opportunity and end up moving unnecessary items. Doing this early will give you time to look up local car boot sales that are on, sell online or find a local charity shop to give to.

house decluttering
• Organise packing. You can begin this process early in order to organise just how much stuff you have to move to Greenwich. The problem many people have during a home move is that they leave this until last and are surprised at just how much stuff they end up having to deal with. You can plan out your move early by beginning to pack items you don’t need or don’t use as often into boxes and move them into a room out of the way.

packing boxes
• Once you have an idea of how much stuff you have, you can start looking into what moving company you want to hire. Whether you are going for a man and van in SW1 or a big removal service you will want to plan ahead and get things booked on your moving day. Look into days that will be cheaper such as week days or if you have to move during a weekend then book well in advance to avoid any disappointment. When you can tick off booking your movers off your list then you can concentrate on getting things ready.

professional movers
• Change over bills. You will need to organise your suppliers and let them know you are moving, either cancelling bills or transferring them over. It is also a good idea to contact your post office and arrange a change of address to forward on any mail that comes to your old place after you have moved. Get a list sorted of all the companies you will need to call such as electric and gas, water, television licence and broadband services. Let them know your moving date and get final bills organised.

transfer bills
• At the same time you will want to set things up. Getting yourself sorted in your new area is also important. Changing doctors or changing schools. Find out what you have in your local area and what you might want to sign up to in Greenwich.

moving home
• Finish packing and arrange a professional clean. So your SE10 based moving company is in place and you are ready for your move day. Finish off packing and arrange for babysitter to look after children on that day. Confirm with your moving company the day before and complete the last of your packing. You will probably want to arrange a clean too. This is the point where most things should be ticked off your checklist.

house cleaning
Most of all try to enjoy your new home, the more organised you feel when you get there, the more you can relax when you finally get through the door. Keep prepared to remain calm and good luck with your move!

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