09 November 2020

Cheapest Way to Move Furniture

furniture removals
Moving your furniture cost effectively is often something that is discussed by people who don’t have a large budget to be able to afford a removals company. Sometimes we need to move house at a point in our life when we are cash strapped and don’t often have the means to be able to hire a company who would easily be able to do everything for us. It is at times like this, we have to become extremely resourceful with what we have and think outside of the box. There are ways to be able to move your furniture minus house removals that are listed below:

moving furniture
•    Enlist the help of friends and family. This of course works best when they live relatively close of driving distance. This is some of the simplest ways of being able to get some help when it comes to moving both heavy and fragile goods. The best thing about connections is that you may be able to source out someone that does removals on the cheap; you never do quite know who knows who. Just think of the six degrees of separation. There is always someone who knows someone, so it always worth to ask around.

van hire
•    Hire out a van sometimes works cheaper for the day. Removals often charge a huge amount for their driver (sometimes even two) as well as being able to pay them. Finding a van to hire is probably one of the most sensible things that you can ever do, because you’re practically just paying to hire the van out. In your relocation, this can save you a lot of wasted money and time trying to find a removals company, which sometimes can often be a hassle to negotiate a good price.

ask your neighbours
•    Ask your neighbours. Your neighbours are people that have often lived next door to you for quite some time and if you have good relations with them, it is wise to ask if they can help you with your removals as this will save you a considerable amount of money and time.

removal company
•    Enquire at local community centre and places like libraries for removal companies. A lot of the times, these places that have the community’s best interest in mind and it is worth your time to ask them if they can refer you to any places that can do cost-effective house moves for you.

man with van
•    Shipping your furniture to the other place. This works best for if you are moving out of London, you can inquire from national rail if they offer this service for you. It is also very environmentally friendly rather than using a lorry or a truck which uses fuel and is damaging to the ozone layer. The best thing with this is that are no restrictions or size limits on what you send because typical freight trains can accommodate very large loads, over a very long distance period.

furniture moving
•    Also instead of packing your belongings in bags, choose things like plastic bags. Make sure things like your shoes and other places that have a little leeway when it comes to space are all filled up, because when you travel in general, the best way to keep everything in its original shape, often is seal packed with each other. Sometimes you can take things with you in your own transportation as best as you can and get someone you know to split the cost along with you, saving you both time and money.

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