09 November 2020

Pointers When Booking a Removal Company

moving services
When it comes to most substantial life changes, it’s sensible to begin planning well in advance and moving house is no different. Planning, packing and viewing new houses as far ahead of your estimated moving date will not only allow you time to get the best deal, it’ll also reduce stress when it gets to those vital last couple of weeks. However, in terms of removal companies, a lot can change over time and booking too far in advance can mean reservations can get lost or forgotten, companies can go bust and situations can change. It’s therefore difficult to know just how far in advance you should book a removal company. Here are some pointers when booking.

Short notice

The worst thing you can do is leave booking your removal service until the last minute. Although there are companies which cater to last minute demands, you’ll often have to pay over the odds. Not only this, but the added stress of not having a company booked for your moving date will take its toll and add anxiety to an already stressful situation.

moving house
Moving your belongings gradually to the new house can take a load of your mind and reduce the hassle of a big move on one day, so you may want to hire the movers for two completely separate days. Don’t leave booking until the last few weeks. If companies have free booking space so close to the moving date, it’s likely that they’re not a reputable or well-established company. High quality removal services will be booked up well in advance.

Too far away

The moving process can take years, especially if you’re selling your existing house, but booking your removal company or man with a van years in advance can be a bit of a gamble. Your moving day may change multiple times, the move could fall through or, on the other hand, the company could close down. Any factors from your side could result in you not being able to take back your deposit. However, saying this, it’s more sensible to book too far in advance than too close to the day. If you do book a year or two in advance, be sure to keep an eye on the company you’re using, keep a note of their contact details, as well as details of the move, and make sure to give them a courtesy call a few months in advance of the moving date to ensure everything is still read to go ahead from their end.

packing boxes
The perfect time

Book several months in advance. This gives you enough time to gather, research and compare quotes from a number of reputable removal companies but means the circumstances are more likely to be set in stone and less likely to change. Make sure to keep a record of the moving date and the details of the removal service. In terms of which time is best to book the movers, try to book earlier in the week and earlier in the month, as this time is more likely to be free.

man with a van
Make sure to call the removal company a month or so before the moving date to confirm the details of the move with them again. Check the date, time of day, size of the van, current address and the address you’re moving to. Then call again a couple of days before the moving date just to double check so you’re all on the same page and the move runs as smoothly as possible for both parties.

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