Tips for House Removals to Highbury on a Shoestring Budget

13May 2015

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One of the most dreaded events that are unavoidable in your life is relocation to a new place. While it is exciting to move to a new house in Highbury, it also brings with it the tedious task of furniture and house removal. Aside from the emotional aspect of leaving your home plus the time and efforts involved, you have to consider the cost of the removal company. It would be disastrous to find in the long run that you have exceeded your budget, not to mention a deduction from your week’s wage for taking time off from work and day care fee for your kids to stay during moving out day. You could be in a tight spot.
However, if you have a shoestring budget, there are various ways to save some cash. Of course, by creating a budget, you can determine how much you need for everything to go smoothly and get rid of unnecessary expenses.

Here are a few tips to help you stay within your budget constraints:

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1. Make inquiries about reliable moving companies

One way to squeeze your cash is to guarantee that you are getting the best deal available from removal companies in the N5 area. Ask relatives, friends, officemates and acquaintances who underwent similar experiences for references. Besides searching the yellow pages, you can visit websites and learn everything about the companies especially testimonies and reviews. Prepare a short list of reliable companies that offer the lowest prices.

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2. Make a visit and compare service and prices

Get an estimate from the house movers or man with a van for their services. Sometimes, companies in N1 will inflate costs on the day of the move, so get the facts clean at the very beginning. You can now select the one that provides satisfactory details and offers a guaranteed price.

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3. Take only the things that you need

Moving house is the best time to get rid of your unwanted items and old junk. Save time and effort by taking time to evaluate your belongings and the things you do not want or need. The still useful items can be given to friends or to a charitable group. You can even start a garage sale of the unwanted items and raise some extra cash to add to your moving budget. By bringing with you only what you use and need, you can reduce the cost of relocating to Highbury, NW1.

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4. Minimise packaging expenditure

Another saving tip in moving house is to minimise in your packaging costs. Instead of purchasing bubble wrap and tissues for fragile items use old newspapers and magazines. Your professional moving crew will understand your reasons for economy and will even assist you in packing everything safely in boxes. Removal companies in Highbury will assist you to figure out how many boxes you need and of what size, so there are no wasted spaces in the moving van.

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5. Plan your moving out date well

It is a wise plan to set the date for the relocation in advance. If there is no need for a specific date, consider different days and times of the year that will work out the cheapest for you. For example, summer is a busy time for moving and may be more expensive than moving house during winter. Weekends are typically more expensive than relocating during the midweek. It is noticeable that moving companies are likely to be more expensive during the first week and the last week of each month as compared to the middle two weeks. Lastly, the first and the last day of each month are the busiest and most expensive days of all.

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6. A balance of professionalism and friendliness throughout the whole process

House moving is tedious but relocating is less painful when all of the movers are very friendly, considerate, and polite.

These tips will help your relocation to be pleasant and economical.

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